Audiowork and video

Audiowork duration 1.40’

A work consisting of a poem made of textfragments and words from an old mending instruction book.
Together with a male voice mentioning knitting actions.

Audiowork with 4 speakers showed in a dark space
Duration 4.15´
Technique: Simone Sacchi

Is it possible to trust your own observations, whilst science tells you otherwise? This dilemma is portrayed in a audiowork that is shown in a dark space with 4 speakers in gallery Nest in The Hague. By using a non-visible material such as sound, I create a world of verbal testimonies contradicting each other to the point of no certainty. The soundscape is paradoxical as it both tells you what to believe, and how to debunk it. This is something we often experience while observing art, as you are constantly subjected to questions like ‘What is it that we see?’ while our different observations and interpretations often lead to discussion.

‘Devote yourself’,
Video duration 1.51’
In collaboration with Spaarnestad Photo

The video shows the rigid and structured life of the housewife and household in the ´60 and the link to contemporary life. Specialised books in the ´60 taught the housewife how to do this in a very detailed and patronizing way. How is the woman´s life nowadays? In many countries in the world, women still only do the household. In the western world household duties are still not equally divided. Have we progressed? Are we less programmed?

‘Devote yourself’ – installation with two beamers
Video duration 2.15’

Shown during groupshow ‘Note to self’ and in gallery Heden, both in The Hague

´Molded society´
Video duration 3.34

In collaboration with Spaarnestad Photos

Video made with pictures from the photoarchive. Combined with text fragments of press releases from the background of the pictures. The photos are part of the subject ´Plastic Fantastic´ and show the optimistic view on plastics in earlier times. They are combined with text fragments of actual scientific reports mentioning the plastic damages with negative results.